All Buttons In

Together the 3 multi-instrumentalists, Grethe van der Merwe, Jo Ellis and Chris Burgess strike the perfect balance with their passion for pop, rock, blues, country, industrial and ambient music.

In 2014 Grethe and Jo, who both grew up in the sleepy town of Ladismith (Western Cape, South Africa) but didn't really know each other, worked together for the first time when Jo produced her debut album. During the sessions Grethe contracted laryngitis, which meant that vocal sessions had to be moved to the evenings around sessions that Chris was working on. On one fateful night, Chris was in the studio as Grethe was laying down vocals, at which point he decided that Grethe needed some of his whiskey. Clients became friends and, eventually, friends became bandmates.

Grethe's classical and theatrical background, Jo's experience as a record producer and touring musician and Chris's exceptional skills as a drummer and percussionist come together in an awe-inspiring way that is bound to excite their audience as much as it excites them.  With All Buttons In, nothing is off-limits.