In September 2016 gvdMUSIC came to be – the one stop platform for all your entertainment needs.  gvdMUSIC offers a unique set of trustworthy quality services within the entertainment industry.

In gvdMUSIC creativity and business savvy are equal partners and come together in beautiful harmony.

gvdMUSIC is the brainchild of Grethe van der Merwe.  She started dabbling with this concept around May 2016. To be honest, it wasn’t the first time she thought of wandering off on her own, but she was waiting for that final push.

Grethe had always been looking for the right fit - a job that would cater for all her skills.  A tall order for a singer-songwriter that loves all genres of music, adores theatre and is especially interested in structural planning and project management.  Previously she split her interests by managing home care services at a corporate health care facility during the day, and performing as a singer-songwriter/ project manager at night. There had to be a way to combine all of the above into one viable concept.  And there was: gvdMUSIC.